Installation Guide

If you run into any issues with OmniPdf then send us an email and we can help you get started: [email protected].

Once you have OmniPdf installed, go to the examples page to find simple examples to get started.

Nuget Installation (Recommended)

Nuget is the preferred method of installing OmniPdf. Nuget makes the process of installing and upgrading very easy. To install from Visual Studio:

  1. Right click the project.
  2. Select "Manage Nuget Packages".
  3. Search for "OmniPdf".
  4. Click the OmniPdf package.
  5. In the right pane, click the Install button.

Manual Installation

If your build system does not support Nuget you can install it manually.

  1. Go to
  2. On the right side of the page click "Download package".
  3. After the file is downloaded, rename the file and append ".zip" to the end of the filename.
  4. Double click the file to open the archive.
  5. Navigate to the "lib" folder.
  6. If you are using .NET Framework navigate to the "net461" folder.
  7. If you are using .NET Core navigate to the "netstandard2.0" folder.
  8. Copy OmniPdf.dll and OmniPdf.xml to your code repository.
  9. In Visual Studio, right click the project and select Add --> Reference.
  10. Click the "Browse" button, navigate to and select the OmniPdf.dll file.